Portland apartment building

We completed a comprehensive renovation of an existing 1900’s three-unit home located in a progressive neighborhood on Munjoy Hill in Portland. This project was for a real estate investor and developer. The project was a complete gut renovation from the 1st floor to roof, preserving only the original exterior walls and foundation.

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The intention of this project was to maintain the historic character of the exterior of the building while modernizing the interior. We assisted the investor with many aspects of the design to ensure choices that would honor the spirit of the venture and structure. We removed the existing roof structure and added dormers in the front and a flat roof in the rear. We had extensive work completed on the 1900’s foundation by a professional stone mason who repointed the foundation inside and out. The entire building has all new electrical and plumbing systems with heat pumps in each unit. We insulated the structure with dense pack cellulose in the walls and ceiling and we used sound control insulation. We increased the number of windows and added skylights to maximize views of Casco Bay and capture as much natural light as possible. Throughout the process we maintained a clean, organized, and conscientious job site, so as to cultivate a respectful and peaceful environment in the home’s beautiful neighborhood.

Investor mentality

The work we do goes far beyond just hammer and nail. We work closely within our team and with our clients to create beautiful and functional structure, adhere to budget, and navigate difficult but necessary choices. We assisted the owners of this project not only by helping them realize their vision, but also by future-proofing the structure for any market shifts. Because the weekly rental market in the United States is booming, each unit was completed with the intention of using it for short or long term rentals. We maintained the integrity of each space so that it could meet the current market’s needs while still remaining versatile for future endeavors. Lastly, we focused on a building design that could be sold either as a three unit rental property or as individual condominiums. Our ultimate goal with our clients is adaptability and diversity. Through collaboration with our investors, we aim to facilitate maximum profit through increased equity, rental income, and resale value.