About Us

Mindful Building LLC is a new construction and renovation company based in Southern Maine. We take on a wide range of construction and renovation projects, including additions, custom homes, roof and siding work, and decks. As much as possible we use earth-friendly materials sourced from local suppliers. We are versatile, highly skilled builders with over one hundred years combined experience. Mindful Building LLC holds its clients’ values and requirements in the utmost esteem. Through conscientious attention to detail and continuous communication with clients, Mindful Building makes dreams reality.

Patrick Landers, Mindful Building LLC’s owner, answers questions about the company.

How long have you been in business?
I have been self employed since 2003. The first company I owned was P.L. Construction. I operated the company from 2003 to 2011 and focused exclusively on renovations and high end carpentry. In 2011, I partnered with a dear friend and we created LandMarx Construction LLC which we managed jointly until 2017. At that point we parted ways and I started operating under the name Mindful Building, LLC.

What is the most important aspect of your business to you?
Hands down, efficiency. Efficiency is at the core of the entire process, from the moment I meet a client. The design process, the permit process, material purchase and ordering, and the structure of the project are all guided by the principle of efficiency. This ensures that the project is completed in the most intentional way possible. It also allows us to stay on schedule and on budget.

What aspect of your business matters the most to you?
Following through from start to finish. Many companies have a great start but a rushed finish. We stay consistent throughout the project. We make sure the client feels totally satisfied at the end. We’re not rushing to get to the next job.

What aspect of your business do you enjoy the most?
The hands-on building portion. Although I’m good with people, I am introverted at heart and love the solitude of a job site with lots to keep my hands and mind busy. It’s like working meditation. I also love seeing the vision come together.

Why should I choose your company over your competitors?
I really can’t say why anyone should choose us over someone else. Southern Maine is full of amazing tradesmen and we are just one of many. I primarily want to be chosen by clients that feel they are in alignment with our beliefs and approach. The most important aspect of a partnership with a client is trust.

Where is your company based? What areas do you service? Our workshop is in North Yarmouth. We will work just about anywhere in Southern Maine that is within a 50 mile radius of our shop.

How does the whole process work?
In the initial stages, we offer free estimates, consulting, and design guidance. We work with draftsmen, engineers, and architects, but as a representative of the homeowner, advocating for their needs and preferences.

How do you determine the cost of the project?
Sixteen plus years’ experience helps a lot. Estimating is a mix of good accounting and honestly looking at each job. We get estimates from all our subcontractors and suppliers, then determine our labor cost based on each job and its timeline. We do some portions of the estimate by square footage.

Where do you get your materials?
We source locally as much as possible. We get 85-90% of our materials from Hammond Lumber. We use other lumber yards and suppliers in the area and sometimes online as needed. We source from Days Hardwood in Freeport, as well as from local sawmills. We use Maine made products as much as possible but the client is the one who drives many of the material related decisions.

Do you subcontract some of your work? How do you select your subcontractors?
Yes, we do subcontract. We subcontract plumbing, electrical, and a few other aspects of the job if it makes sense financially. On big builds, hiring a sheet rocker and insulation specialist just makes sense as it costs less and can be completed while other work is underway. I select my subs based on their ability to represent the principles that make Mindful Building stand out from other builders. Skill level, follow through, communication skills and presentation, and fair pricing are the main factors I look at. But most important is their ability to show up and complete tasks properly and maintain the owner’s confidence during the construction process.

How much will I be involved? How much information will you be sharing during the process?
You will be involved a lot in the beginning. After we have the majority of the details figured out, we will be working mostly from the blueprints and from the job description on the estimate. We will give you homework throughout the project, making sure all your decisions are made in plenty of time for us to stay on track. I will not be providing daily or weekly reports, though. You are welcome to check on progress daily and weekly, but it’s easier on the crew if we have the ability to stay focused on the project instead of needing to walk through each step as it happens. If you are out of state, we provide photos throughout the job so you can see the progress.

What if I change my mind during the project?
No problem! It happens on every job. We suggest telling us as soon as possible so that we can avoid any unnecessary expenses. But either way, if you change your mind, we can do anything you want within the current building code. If you remove items, you will not be charged unless we have already furnished the materials and labor, in which case you will be charged only for what has been completed and what it will cost to make the changes you want.

It seems like you might not have completed my type of project yet. Can I trust you?
It is rare for us these days to come across a type of project we have not already taken on as our combined experience exceeds 100 years. I have been in business for sixteen plus years and have done everything from small residential renovations and additions to custom homes, historic preservation, and timber frames. Returning to a statement I made previously, there are many great builders in Southern Maine. If you don’t feel you can trust us, do us both a favor and hire someone else. We want your business, but more importantly we want your trust.

Is your work guaranteed?
Yes. We always stand by our work. We guarantee all residential work for one year. We guarantee all development work and commercial work for up to two years.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes. We offer discounts for veterans and active duty armed services personnel. We also offer discounts on a case by case basis, such as when the work that needs to be completed is a safety issue and the owner can’t afford to complete it. We offer discounts when projects are large, or if we are completing multiple projects at one time. The set up and break down tasks can then be consolidated. We are very reasonable. If you have a budget and our estimate exceeds it, please let us know so that we can try to find ways that we can meet your budget.